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The Collection list is complete (see The Collection tab above). The number of my orchids is down considerably from a year ago. In an effort to trim the collection to a more manageable size , I’ve sold plants and discarded the sickly and incorrigible ones.

Of the 118 orchids that remain, a dozen or so are little more than seedlings. Many others haven’t been around long enough for me to know very much about them.

Thirty two of those 118, however, qualify as my Top Favorites. Selection is based on five criteria: reliable bloomer, knockout bloom, profuse bloomer,  fabulous scent and durable plant.

Epi parkinsonianum #2

Epi. parkinsonianum

I decided to rank these 32 favorites using a fairly objective point system. For example, a plant that is  durable and a reliable bloomer, with a knockout bloom – BUT has no scent and isn’t a particularly profuse bloomer – would earn three points.

With that system in mind, here are the last four orchids on the 32 list. Each earned two points (none of the 32 only received one point):

  • Bulb. lasiochilum (reliable and durable – and a very interesting but not a knockout bloom)
  • Epidendrum parkinsonianum (durable and knockout)
  • Phal. bellina (reliable and fabulous scent)
  • Phal. tetraspis (reliable and durable)

Next post will talk about the orchids among the Top 32 that received three points — the largest group in the rankings.

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